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Fake Jive


Fake Jive

After shocking the establishment with the classical graffiti cum art naif explosion that was the Bootikins Lyric Video, then showing the chardonnay pashing ‘videographers’ of inner city latte Australia how to rock a studio clip with twelve old devices and a MacBook Pro for the Bootikins Official Clip, maverick arsehole and auteur of Truth, GA Richards returns with a crazy beautiful meditation on all things hippocampus. Behold the new lyric video for the album track "Fake Jive". Roll in your grave Brubeck, but also you Desmond because hardly anyone knows it was yours, hahahaaaaa.  




After visiting the ruins of Tiberius’ Capri palace Glenn resumed writing a record that would eventually become “Bootikins”.  A late reading of the Albert Camus play “Caligula” informed the writing of the title track and gave firmness to what had hitherto been a loose collection of misanthropic, humorous and occasionally devastating songs.  Nobody was thrown off a cliff in the making of this record.  Glenn shares the thoughts of the late Camus as Camus wrote and said things much better than Glenn:

"Caligula, a relatively kind prince so far, realizes on the death of Drusilla, his sister and his mistress, that "men die and they are not happy." Therefore, obsessed by the quest for the Absolute and poisoned by contempt and horror, he tries to exercise, through murder and systematic perversion of all values, a freedom which he discovers in the end is no good. He rejects friendship and love, simple human solidarity, good and evil. He takes the word of those around him, he forces them to logic, he levels all around him by force of his refusal and by the rage of destruction which drives his passion for life.

But if his truth is to rebel against fate, his error is to deny men. One cannot destroy without destroying oneself. This is why Caligula depopulates the world around him and, true to his logic, makes arrangements to arm those who will eventually kill him. Caligula is the story of a superior suicide. It is the story of the most human and the most tragic of errors. Unfaithful to man, loyal to himself, Caligula consents to die for having understood that no one can save himself all alone and that one cannot be free in opposition to other men."

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The album BOOTIKINS will be released on February 23 2018. You can pre-order on CD and LP here. Exclusive to the Augie March shop, all pre-ordered CDs and LPs will be signed by the band. And there is a bonus sticker with the CD and an artwork print with the LP.

Pre-order elsewhere here.


BOOTIKINS is the first single - watch the lyric video:


Read the BOOTIKINS lyrics here and the full bio is here.

And watch the official BOOTIKINS video:


Matt Dunn is a very accomplished multi media artist who approached Glenn some time ago to contribute some music to a long term project which is still in the works.  Glenn said “of course, but first you have to do an album cover for me”.  Matt did that and more,  while Glenn has yet to present Matt with a single note of music.  

The following is a fraction of the back and forth which will give some insight to how much goes into every aspect of making a music record within the cottage industries.
Continue reading here.

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We'll play the new album in full for the first ever occasion on album release day, Friday 23 February 2018, at the Velvet Room at Thornbury Theatre. The audience will have the opportunity to watch and listen up close as we road test this set of challenging and diverse material, and there's sure to be a good deal of high level tinkering going on. Not to mention low level chat. Limited tickets available:

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