Drones and Vapid Ditties DVD

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Drones and Vapid Ditties DVD


Drones & Vapid Ditties (2004)

'Drones & Vapid Ditties' encapsulates a 3-hour, warts and all history-to-date of the band.

Featuring 8 of their music videos including the haunting 'Little Wonder' clip (winner at the St Kilda Film Festival), many live performances including a live concert filmed at Victoria's Meredith Music Festival plus a documentary covering the recording of the 'Sunset Studies' album, TV performances, bootlegged video footage, audio commentary, personal photo gallery and of course some rare uncovered gems from the Augie vault.

DVD Information: 
Classification: M - Medium Level Coarse Language 
Region 0, PAL 
(As the DVD is PAL format, it may not play in the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America)

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